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Helen Slater Watch
Name: Helen Slater

Claim To Fame: Slater garnered attention for her role as the title character in 1984's Supergirl. Although the film recieved mixed reviews, critics were impressed with her acting abilities.

Where Is She Now: Slater has continued on the musical path, releasing her second CD, Crossword, in 2005. She attended the 2007 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, where she showed interest in a guest appearance on "Smallville". As a result, she had a recurring role as Superman's biological mother, Lara Lor-Van, on the Superman-themed TV series. She has also written music and lyrics for an urban opera, "The Ugly Duckling," which has been presented in workshop form.

Her third album, "Shine", was released in late 2010.

As of 2012, she currently co-stars as Kristin Mercer on the ABC Family series The Lying Game.

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