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Fred Savage Watch
Name: Fred Savage

Claim To Fame: Well I think this is obvious, but just in case you are not familiar with Fred... he is best known for his role as Kevin Arnold, everyone's favorite teenager from 'The Wonder Years.'

Where Is He Now: You can see Fred Thursday's on ABC in the new TV series 'Crumbs.' He co-stars with Jane Curtain and William Devane.
> I have to admit I was surprised how many people did not know that Fred has appeared in quite a bit of things since 'The Wonder Years. 'Like in films 'Welcome to Mooseport' and 'Austin Powers: Goldmember.'

He did take time off to attend and graduate college, so maybe that is where people lost touch with him.

What I didn't know is that Fred has directed a number of TV shows (see below).

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