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Barbi Benton Watch
Name: Barbi Benton

Claim To Fame: I believe she first gained fame because of her Playboy appearances. She turned this into a career that included being a semi-regular on Hee Haw, actress and even singer.

Where Is She Now: Barbi is now blonde. If you live in the Southern California area you may just run into her at a flea market or art show. She loves to go to these and purchase pottery items.

As I understand it, she splits her time living in California, Colorado and Hawaii.

In 2002 Barbi became became an Interior Decorator

There was talk about her getting back together with her band for a reunion, but nothing concrete has been planned.

Comment by: gebower
Posted on: 5/16/2009 12:17:34 PM
I believe that Barbi is one of the most hottest women to ever walk the face of this earth. That´´s all I have to say.