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Annette Funicello Watch
Name: Annette Funicello

Claim To Fame: Annette got her start as a Mouskateer in the Mickey Mouse Club. She quickly grew to be one of the most popular. I'd have to say to this day she might be the most popular Mouskateer ever.

It's interesting to not that she was the last one chosen to be a Mousketeer. She was the 24th chosen of the 24 kids.

She then moved on to be a teen idol, starring with Frankie Avalon in the Beach movies. In fact her and Frankie starred in 8 movies together. I sure loved those and still will watch them whenever they are on.

Where Is She Now: Annette's condition has deteriorated due to MS and her life is now filled with constant struggle. Even breathing can be difficult.

She doesn't get out much anymore. Her last public appearance that I can find was back in 1999.

She has a collectable bear business.

Frankie Avalon says that everywhere he goes people ask
him about Annette.

Comment by: marisol rentas
Posted on: 4/25/2011 2:03:29 PM
i have MS i feel so along with this disease. can someone please chat with me and tell me what kind of meds they are taking, i take copaxone.
Comment by: jcbsn
Posted on: 12/31/2009 10:43:03 PM
Thinking of you Annette.....may you and your family Remain Blessed in the hands of our Lord.....Welcome 2010 ! Hugs and Kisses, Jo in Georgia
Comment by: tulsafam
Posted on: 10/6/2008 8:44:22 PM
I believe Annette was born on Jan 22, 1943.