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Angie Dickinson Watch
Name: Angie Dickinson

Claim To Fame: While Angie has been in many different roles in film and TV, the role that she is most identified with has to be that of Pepper Anderson from the television series, 'Police Woman.'

Where Is She Now: Angie is still acting. In fact over the last few years she's been in a few movies and TV shows.

Just this past year you may have even caught her on BRAVO in a Celebrity Poker tournament. She didn't do to well, but it was interesting to see the younger actors fawn over her.

Upcoming for Angie are two projects:
3055 Jean Leon (2006) (documentary)
'Chronicles of Narnia 2' (2007) (action)

Also in 2006 Angie launched a one-woman crusade to find a cure for memory-robbing Alzheimer's disease as a tribute to her late sister. Angie's sister battled the insidious illness for 20 years before she passed away in December 2005. And now Angie has embarked on a major Alzheimer's awareness campaign to make sure her sibling didn't suffer in vain. She says, "I know she (sister) didn't die in vain and that's a blessing. It's because of her that I became involved. "Mary Lou's legacy is that she increased our awareness and so many more people now know what a tragic disease this is." More than 100,000 Americans succumb to Alzheimer's every year.

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